About Us

ATC Certification is a specialist ISO certification body providing ISO certification and training to the language services industry.

Formed by the UK’s Association of Translation Companies (ATC) to meet the need for a translation industry expert ISO certification body, ATC Certification offers ISO certification across a number of ISO standards.

Focus on Language Services

ATC Certification focuses on delivering services to the language services industry. We specialise in the language industry standards that other certification bodies don’t offer, and are not experts in. We also provide certification to quality and business management standards relevant for language service companies.

Industry Knowledge

Our ISO Certification auditors combine language industry expertise with an in-depth knowledge of each ISO standard.  ATC Certification auditors add real value to the certification process, while maintaining impartiality and trust in the certifications we offer. We specialise in the language industry standards that other certification bodies don’t.

Integrity & Impartiality

ATC Certification operates a strict certification management system to the requirements of ISO 17021-1 (for Management Systems Standards) & ISO 17065 (for Process Standards) to ensure the integrity of every certificate we issue.

Every ISO certification is ratified by our impartial certification committee.

Remote Auditing

We understand that most language service companies operate remotely with staff, offices, translators and interpreters distributed around the globe.  So we designed our ISO certification scheme to be delivered remotely from the start.

This means that the majority of our audits can be carried out remotely.  Read More About Remote Auditing.


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