Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions, but if you don’t find an answer to your query here please contact us.

What documents do I have to submit before the Stage 1 Audit?

It depends how you have approached compliance with the standards…

ATC Certification operates impartially to the requirements of ISO 17021-1 & ISO 17065, so we don’t advise clients what documentation they should have, or how to approach compliance to a standard. In short, the documents you submit should enable the auditor to verify compliance to the standard’s requirements.

Therefore, when we ask clients to submit data before the Stage 1 Audit, we don’t know what you have in place. Documents, policies, procedures or processes can all help our auditors gain a better understanding of your company before the Stage1 Audit session.

Can I have two companies on one certificate?


It depends on how you have defined the scope of your certification and whether we are able to assess the entirety of the scope on the certification.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

We are not in the language services industry, can you certify us?

Sorry, no. Here’s why…

Our ISO Certification scheme has been designed specifically for the unique needs of language service providers.

This has allowed us to develop specific auditing processes and auditor knowledge which does not transfer effectively to other industries.

Our documentation is not in English, can you certify us?

Sorry, not at this time…

Unfortunately at this time we can only audit documentation and records in English. However, you may choose to translate your documentation in to English for our auditors to assess.

I am a freelancer, can you certify me?

Yes! Read more…

Providing you can demonstrate that the requirements of the standard have been met, we can certify you if you are a freelancer or sole trader business.

Get in touch to discuss the benefits and define the scope of your certification.

We are not based in the UK, can you certify us?

Yes! Here’s how…

The majority of our audits are conducted remotely using video conferencing and screen sharing tools such as Microsoft Teams. This means we can provide audits outside the UK, and our auditors can work to your time zone.

For translation and interpreting standards we can obtain sufficient audit evidence to demonstrate the requirements have been met by using screen sharing.

However, some management system standards, including ISO 27001: Information Security and ISO 14001: Environmental Management, feature requirements that are physical in nature. For these standards we may require an on-site audit or a reduced scope of certification.

How much does ISO certification cost?

Here’s How We Calculate Our Prices…

ATC Certification’s costs are based on a day rate.  The number of days required is tailored for your company’s needs, and depends on the complexity of your certification scope.We do not charge a management or certification fee, and as most our audits are conducted remotely, we do not charge travel or accommodation – so there are no hidden costs.