We take pride in the impartiality and integrity of our audit processes so that our clients, and their stakeholders, can be assured that this achievement represents a thorough assessment of their arrangements.

ATC Certification clients are now entitled to use the relevant Certification Logos on their websites, emails, and other places, however there are some guidelines to follow, which are explained below.


Certification Logos

The ATC Certification office will issue certification logos shortly after the certificate has been confirmed by our Certification Committee.

  • Certification logos should be put onto websites as provided and should not be changed.
  • The colours must remain as provided.
  • Certification Logos must be large enough to be legible to a viewer.
  • Certification Logos must be hyperlinked to your unique Certificate-Check URL (see below).
  • Certification Logos should be used in line with the licensing agreement.

If you have a problem with the artwork, please contact the office and we will work with you to resolve the issue.


Certificate Check

To help customers verify a certificate and for transparency of the certification process, all certification logos should be hyperlinked to a unique Certificate-Check URL, where basic details of your certificates can be viewed.

The ATC Office will provide the unique Certificate Check URL together with the logos.


Removal of Logos

When a certificate expires or there is no longer access to a valid certificate, the certification logos should be removed from all websites, business materials and other places used.

From time to time, we may check for valid use of our certification Logos.