ATC Certification is pleased to announce our latest partnership, developing specialist Language Industry ISO Certification in Arabic and German speaking countries.

Dr. Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim has a wealth of experience in the language industry and has run the Austrian based “International Localization Industry Certification System” (i-LICS) for over 17 years.

Over the past two years, Dr. Mohamed-Ali has been working with ATC Certification as an ISO auditor, and from July 2023, will be certifying compliant organisations under a license following ATC Certification’s scheme and rules.

We’re delighted to announce this partnership which will further improve standards in translation and interpreting services throughout the world, and enable our clients to take part in their ISO audit proceedings in German or Arabic, as well as English.

ATC Certification’s guiding principle is to provide expert auditors with local knowledge and maintain the integrity of our certified clients. Dr. Mohamed-Ali brings these to the Arabic and German speaking regions.

About ATC Certification’s Schemes

ATC Certification’s schemes are developed to the highest standards of quality and integrity.

We follow the ISO 17021-1 and ISO 17065 standards which set out the framework for providing certification to management systems and products/processes respectively.

Our impartial Certification Committee make all certification decisions based on the objective evidence reported by our industry expert auditors. The committee will, and do, refuse certification where the requirements of a standard are not evidenced to have been met.

However, broadly through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 processes, certified clients are well prepared and overcome any system deficiencies to become compliant.

Get ISO Certification in Arabic and German Speaking Regions

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