Meet the Auditor: Verónica Pérez Guarnieri

By |April 14th, 2023|Auditors|

Dr Verónica Pérez Guarnieri is a practising conference interpreter, ISO and conference interpreting consultant and ATC Certification auditor specialising in interpreting services. She is also the long-term leader of ISO standard development projects, responsible for the inception of standards such as ISO 18841 on interpreting requirements and recommendations. In this blog, Verónica talks about her [...]

Meet the Auditor: Chris Cox

By |November 22nd, 2022|Auditors|

Chris Cox’s experience with ISO standards spans four decades. In fact, he can with good conscience be called the godfather of language service ISO standards in the UK. In this blog, Chris talks about his background in ISO standards, and his passion for developing translation and interpreting standards that make sense to the language services [...]

Meet the Auditor: Sarah Vann Brooke

By |November 10th, 2022|Auditors|

Sarah Vann Brooke is an NRCPD registered British Sign Language/English interpreter, an ISO consultant, and ATC Certification auditor specialising in interpreting and quality management.  In this blog, Sarah talks about her background as a child of deaf adults and her journey in becoming a professional interpreter, her experiences on both sides of the camp implementing [...]

Meet the Auditor: Clarice Streets

By |September 9th, 2022|Auditors|

Clarice Streets a quality management and compliance consultant and ATC Certification auditor specialising in the pharmaceutical industry, based in the US. In this blog, Clarice talks about bringing her experience and insights from the pharmaceutical industry to the localisation space, and how ISO standards help companies working with clients in regulated industries demonstrate their compliance. [...]

Meet the Auditor: Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim

By |April 27th, 2022|Auditors|

Dr.Mohamed-Ali Ibrahim is an ISO consultant and ATC Certification auditor specialising in translation and interpreting services and quality management. He has been involved in the development of language services ISO standards since the inception of the first translation services standard in the early noughties. In this blog, Dr Ibrahim talks about his background and specialism [...]

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