Many ‘traditional’ ISO Certification Bodies require their audits to take place on-site at your premises. While this may be necessary in many industries like manufacturing, for language services it significantly increases the time, involvement and cost of your certification. 

At ATC Certification we are language industry specialists, so we understand the unique landscape in which you run your business, as well as the challenges and opportunities you face.  

Using that expertise, we have designed our certification schemes to be delivered remotely wherever possible.  

We know that for you it doesn’t matter where your people are physically, how many offices you have, or whether you have an office at all. Rather, your translators, interpreters, project managers and other key staff are located across the globe, working on cloud-based project management and language technology systems; or interpreting for clients remotely. 

Using the remote conferencing technology that we have now all become so used to, our auditors work with you to obtain the necessary objective evidence to assess your conformity with ISO Standards and award certification, without having to meet you and your staff at an office location. 

This approach has enabled ATC Certification to provide ISO audits worldwide with much faster turn-around times for audit booking than traditional Certification Bodies, speeding up your certification process and keeping costs down. 

Of course, where the scope of your certificate requires an on-site audit like for example with ISO 27001 for information security, we will arrange our expert auditors to attend your site to carry out the necessary audit of your premises at a time that suits you. 

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