ISO 17100 defines the requirements for quality Translation Services, including the competence of key roles including the translators themselves, revisers, reviewers and project managers.  

While there are several ways to demonstrate translator competence including formal qualifications and experience, the competence of a specialist language services project managers is harder to evidence.

This blog looks at the requirements of the standard and what formal training is available for your language services project manager:

Project Manager Competence Requirements

Clause 3.1.7 of ISO 17100:2015 requires translation service providers (TSPs) to ensure project managers have “appropriate documented competence” to support their service provision. This could be via formal or informal training, experience or on-the-job training.  

Generic project manager qualifications may provide basic project manager skills, however the standard also requires PMs to have a basic understanding of the language service industry AND a thorough understanding of the translation process.

Language Services Project Manager Training by ATC & ELIA 

Industry bodies Association of Translation Companies (ATC) and the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) have produced a foundation-level, on-demand eLearning course developed by industry experts from leading language service companies and associations.

The Language Services Project Manager Course by ATC and ELIA provides over 50 hours of material provided by 22 industry experts. Find out more.

In addition, learners can take the online exam to achieve certification as a language services project manager. Find out more about the exam.

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Demonstrating Project Manager Competence

Those seeking ISO 17100 Certification will need to demonstrate that they meet all the requirements of the standard including the project manager competency requirements.

Although passing the specialist online course is a good start, an ISO 17100 auditor will also look for objective evidence that translation projects are managed competently throughout the project lifecycle. This will include sampling project data.

The auditor may still raise audit findings where necessary.

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