ATC Certification specialises in providing ISO Certification to the Language Services Industry, but we also recognise that these specialist standards provide benefits to other industries that rely on language services when delivering their own products and services.

This blog looks at translation service ISO standard requirements in the Market Research Industry, and the synergies language service providers can achieve with the Translation Services Standard ISO 17100.


Translation Services in ISO 20252 Market Research Standard

The specialist Market Research Standard ISO 20252:2019 – market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics – includes explicit minimum requirements for Translation Service Providers under clause, “Translation of data collection instruments and other project-related documents”.

These requirements include:

  • Competence of translators in the source language, and previous experience
  • Checking and revising of translation by someone competent, other than the translator
  • Recording the checking and revision of translations.

All of these requirements can be met by using translation service providers who have implemented the ISO 17100 Translation Services Standard

In addition, ISO 20252:2019 also states: 

“In instances where secondary verification is not possible, the service provider shall have a policy in place ensuring competence of translator[s]”

Translation Service Providers who achieve ISO 17100 Certification from ATC Certification undergo an impartial third-party audit that can provide assurance to stakeholders that these requirements are met. 

The obvious benefit to Market Research buyers is that they can use ISO 17100 Certified Translation Service Providers with confidence that they are verified as meeting these requirements.

Please Note: ATC Certification does not provide certification to ISO 20252.


MRS/ATC Checklist for Buying Translation Services

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) has worked with the Market Research Society (MRS) to create a new checklist to provide best practice guidance when buying translation services.

The MRS/ATC checklist aims to help buyers check potential translation organisation’s reliability and expertise. Whilst no supplier will be able to produce a perfect and faultless translation, every time, this checklist will help translation buyers to partner with suppliers who provide expert, quality-managed services who are working to find the right decisions.

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Prepare to Provide Translation Services in Market Research

Certification to specialist language industry standards such as ISO 17100 for Translation Services and ISO 18587 Post-Editing Machine Translation can help you demonstrate to Market Research buyers that you meet their supply chain requirements.

Our auditors are industry experts and most audits can be conducted remotely.  

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