Congratulations to AA Global Language Services Ltd for becoming ISO 18841 certified with ATC Certification! AA Global has quickly gained a well-earned reputation for providing high quality professional translation and interpreting services to both the private and public sector. Currently with a pool of over 13,000 linguists covering more than 500 languages and dialects, they offer clients all-round Translation, Interpreting and Specialist services.

We asked Chloe Hollands about the certification process and how AA Global found working with us.

Why did you choose to become ISO Certified?

As a company we were keen to evidence the years of experience we have in providing high quality and professional Interpreting services. Being ISO certified means that we can further evidence to our clients, the quality service that we offer. By adhering to internationally recognised standards this shows that we are not only able to achieve this quality, but also work to continuously improve and provide the best service possible, not only for our clients but for our linguists and staff as well.

How did you find the process with ATC Certification?

The process of achieving the certification with ATC Certification and the subsequent surveillance audit has been very efficient, they have been very supportive in assisting us with achieving the accreditation. As we are always looking at how we can improve our services, the ATC team has been very helpful in providing suggestions and opportunities to improve.

How long did it take you to prepare for certification?

We have been a member of ATC for many years and respect the work that they do and the experience they have in the language services industry. When choosing a provider it was very important to us that we were able to receive guidance from another company who understands the importance of high quality language services.

How long did it take you to prepare for certification?

Our systems were already in place, so it did not take us long to ensure that we were working towards the ISO 18841 guidelines. As we already were accredited in Quality (ISO 9001) our systems and processes were already at this required standard. ATC Certification assisted us with ensuring we were able to effectively evidence this.

Would you recommend becoming certified with ATC Certification to other companies in the language services industry?

We would definitely recommend this service to other companies within the language services industry. ATC Certification ensures that having professional and trusted language professionals help to provide the best service possible and here at AA Global we also share these key values.


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