Comms Multilingual Ltd offer specialist translation, localisation and adaptation services to organisations in many parts of the world.

We spoke to the Comms Multilingual Operations Director, Sonia Sala, and asked her some questions about the ISO Certification project and how they found working with ATCC since receiving their initial ISO certification in July 2016.

Why did you choose to become ISO Certified? 

It was a combination of factors. As a highly specialised company that works with high-stakes materials, it is very important for us to show our commitment to quality and an ISO certification is a great way to do that. Some of our clients had also enquired about our certifications, so it seemed like a great option for us.

How did you find the process with ATC Certification?

Very good. The auditor is very knowledgeable and professional and the staff is very responsive.

Why did you choose ATC Certification? 

We have been working with the ATC for many years and trust your organisation and reputation.

How long did it take you to prepare for certification?

We actually started preparing many years back, but put the process on hold due to our workload. When we started working on it again, it took us a few months, mainly to get some documentation ready and implement a couple of things we did not do before.

Would you recommend becoming certified with ATC Certification to other companies in the language services industry? 


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