We spoke to Thomas Faust, General Manager of FaustTranslations, about their certification journey with ATCC.

Can you please tell us a bit about your company?

“FaustTranslations is an internationally active translation agency specialising in industrial clients. We combine technology, marketing and e-commerce under one roof and deliver all business languages from a single source. Thanks to our 30 years of experience, we know the requirements of the industry very well. FaustTranslations is a family business and thus guarantees continuity and personal contact in addition to the highest level of reliability.”


Why did you choose to become ISO Certified?

“The ISO certification proves to potential clients that we comply with the internationally binding standards. Particularly for decision-makers who have not yet worked with us, the certification offers corresponding security in the decision-making process.”


How did you find the process with ATC Certification?

“The process with ATC Certification was very pleasant, cooperative and efficient. The implementation of the certification requirements was communicated clearly. In this way, the process could be carried out without any difficulties.”


Why did you choose ATC Certification?

“We chose ATC Certification based on the recommendation of a friend. A well-founded recommendation forms a secure basis for a possible cooperation. This was also the case in this instance.”


How long did it take you to prepare for certification?

“The actual preparation took little time. In the past, we had already recorded all the necessary information and data in Protemos and Smartcat. Since we have been working according to 17100 and 18587 for years and exceed these standards, we did not have to fulfil any special or new requirements, but only prove them. It was all quick and easy.”


Would you recommend becoming certified with ATC Certification to other companies in the language services industry?

“For sure. We are happy to recommend ATC Certification. The cooperation is friendly and cooperative. Why get certified elsewhere when it works so well at ATC Certification?”


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