Founded in 2007, Marsolutions was originally formed to provide direct sales and marketing services for the electronic security industry. With over 30 years’ experience in international business, they found that the biggest communication obstacle between companies and their customers is the language barrier.

Marsolutions started in Spain, where they faced their first challenge: to translate their supplier’s relevant documentation from English to Spanish and vice versa. Then the Central and South American market demanded localised Spanish translations for Mexico and Argentina. Soon their customers requested other European languages, and here they expanded their business into a new sector, bringing in professional translators to offer the best service and the highest quality translations.

In May 2011 they established their second operation in the United Kingdom, to directly assist British companies wanting to develop their overseas businesses.

Today Marsolutions offers translation and interpreting services in 100’s of language combinations, a portfolio that is constantly expanding in response to growing export opportunities.

Their vision is to create a new standard in translation services; ensuring that working in any market is as easy as your native market. They provide end-to-end personalised services, combining the expertise of professional translators, interpreters, voice artists, and project managers plus the technology to enhance their customers global reach.

We spoke to Phil Tennent, Commercial Director of Marsolutions, about their certification journey with ATCC.

Why did you choose to become ISO Certified?

“We had been thinking about ISO certification for a couple of years prior to embarking on the ISO journey. It was during lock down that we decided to press the button and get ISO certification. We have been operating our own internal procedures but had wanted to formalise them. We also used the opportunity, whilst documenting our workflows, to find better ways of working and improve communication internally and to our customers and vendors”.


How did you find the process with ATC Certification?

“We found the service very supportive, from receiving the quotation, booking in the audit reviews to receiving the final assessment and ultimately our certificates. Communication was very fluid and responsive and the Independent ISO auditor turned around the 1st stage Audit very quickly”.


Why did you choose ATC Certification?

“We chose the ATC certification service, primarily for the exposure and the expertise they have in the language industry. Whilst embarking on our journey we had approached other service providers and although all were comfortable with ISO 9001 the other two standards 17100 and especially 18587 they were not as familiar with. Recognising quality management in a specific industry we believed to be important in our decision making”.


How long did it take you to prepare for certification?

“It took in total around 3 months to get to stage 1, we did not employ an external consultant, we decided the best way to understand how ISO works was to undertake the whole process from start to finish. This was quite an undertaking as we were not only going for the 9001 QMS but also the 17100 and 18587 language related standards. The whole process put some pressure on the business, however, the business has ultimately benefited by using the ISO internal audit review process to identify where we could further improve our process, procedure and ultimately our Customer service offering”.


Would you recommend becoming certified with ATC Certification to other companies in the language services industry?

“Most definitely yes. The process from start to finish was very professional, the detail and information made available on each of the steps was very clear and readily available and receiving the certificates from the final sign off was very quick”.


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